CCTV Cameras

We offer a wide range of Security & Intelligence Systems to our valuablr clients. Following are the features of CCTV Camera.
We hold expertise in offering a wide range of Dome Camera and Smoke Detector which is based on latest technology. These products are designed to provide round the clock security in the premises. Owing to the efficiency and easy installation, these products, we offer cater to the demands of number of hotels and public areas.
We offer high quality range of smoke detector, wireless smoke detector which is manufactured using quality, tested components. It uses photoelectric technology to detect smoke (not heat) and it continually monitors its own sensitivity and operational status. Our wireless smoke detector can be placed up to 2000 feet away from the base unit depending on objects and structures in-between the smoke detector and the base unit. Two to three volt lithium batteries are used that lasts for about one year.

• CCTV transmits signals clearly to one place.
• CCTV’s camera is the crux of its effectiveness.
• CCTV cameras have a focus adjustment option if the lens is designed for wide angle viewing.
• CCTV camera has the ability to zoom in and out on the object/surroundings being filmed and comes equipped with a TV or monitor from which to watch the area captured on film CCTV.
• A Smoke Detector Good at Sensing Smoke from Slow Burning Fires
• Less Mistakes of Detecting a False Alarm.
• Small, Lightweight and Inexpensive.