Crack Filling

We are specialized in providing water proofing solutions and crack filling work. We undertake the projects of residences and commercials. We provide secured techniques to the complexes to avoid the water leakages. Our team of contractors make sure the buildings are safe from the water leakages with the best of our water proofing techniques. Our professional in-house service reaches the client's water proofing needs such as swimming pools, tanks, sumps, bathrooms and RCC tanks.
Crack Filling Work is done by Making 'V' groove Mechanically along the crack, later clean the surface properly and the crack has to be filled with crack filling material SYSSEAL 958 or Fiber cloth mixed with S.B.R based Bonding Agent SYSBOND 758 and later the treated surface has to be subjected to two coats of two component polymer based Waterproof coating SYSCOAT 351.

Steps to be undertaken for Crack Filling Work
• Grooving the Crack Mechanically.
• Cleaning the Crack.
• Filling of the Crack with Crack filling material.
• Application of Water Proof Coating along the Crack.