Epoxy Coating For Flooring

Epoxy Coatings like concrete epoxy coatings, liquid epoxy coatings, industrial epoxy coatings, floor epoxy coatings, etc., are used for floors. This thin concrete coatings are used for moderate service and heavy duty industrial flooring. Epoxy coatings and paints specially formulated for concrete are both protective and decorative. Developed specifically for concrete floors, some are engineered to resist everything ranging from household chemicals and foot traffic to hot tires and salt.

Polyseal is most economical cement based waterproofing material. It is applied as surface treatment on concrete brickwork as well as block work. It penetrates into pores of material by capillary action and channeled to the lower depth of the concrete by moisture present even into smallest pores and capillaries. It provides deep penetration and permanent protection against freshwater and salt water under pressure. Cure coating of Polyseal also reduces risk of effluences and salting. The alkali silicates combined with water and free calcium particles to form crystal. This is known as crystallization process. Once the crystals have been formed, they remain permanent. Thus the lower depth of concrete form an integral mass with the surface which cannot be blown off by hydrostatic pressure. It can withstand up to 70m hydrostatic pressure.

It is non-toxic and waterproof material. So, it can be applied internally and externally both. It can be used for many applications for waterproofing and protection such as water tank, swimming pools, dams, tunnel retaining wall etc.